Music Advice: I AM PR Academy: Top 10 Reasons for Wiz Khalifa Mainstream Success (@RealWizKalifa)

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i am pr academy is an educational platform aiming to let aspiring musicians learn successful habits from today’s brightest stars.

1) care-free attitude

” he doesn’t really care about what people think. he does what he wants to do. he’s not doing it for publicity stunts” – says david miller, vp international marketing -atlantic records

2) quality music

wiz focused on something that was close to his heart- his city pittsburgh. the song resonated with his community. the song became a local anthem and then became a worldwide phenomenon putting his city on the map.

3) consistency

starting in 2003, at the age of 16-year-old, wiz started releasing a series of mixtapes and a lot of singles before scoring his big “hit” with “black and yellow” in 2010. it took him 7 years to “make it” from the time he started in music to finally becoming an “overnight success.”

4) free downloads business model

wiz didn’t ask for money right off the gate. he acquired users by providing his mixtape for free download. his career started to really take off with his “kush and orange juice” mixtape. that project also put an emphasis on his lifestyle and his love for weed (niche marketing).

“you have to have something to say, you have to win people over with quality music.” says french journalist daniel geiselhart

the day the mixtape was released, “kush and orange juice” was the most searched keyword on google in the united states. wiz’s marketing team understood the importance of using a catchy title which will lead to a high seo score.

5) using the internet as a marketing tool

wiz has been using the internet as his #1 communications tool. even before fame, wiz understood the importance of using the internet as a marketing tool to connect with fans directly.

6) humility

i remember speaking to him during the myspace days. he always made himself accessible. even after fame, i ran into him and dame dash at bb kings and he was still very humble.

wiz connects with his fans and talk to them every day, keeps them up-to-date. the fans feel included.

jasmine solano, his former tour dj shared: “wiz had his fans on lock way before “black & yellow”, way before he exploded, and way before the hype”.

7) patience & work ethic

it is important to note that wiz reached success with no-cosign or major label help. wiz and his road manager will dzomback guerilla-attacked the nation with performances which won over millions of kids.

8) creation of a movement
wiz developed a unique fanbase “taylor gang”. to stay in touch with his public, wiz regularly posted photos, videos and messages on the internet. his movement is about embracing your independence and who you are as an individual. wiz wore chucks, had his own style which he spread worldwide!

9) accessibility

wiz understood that people like to know what happens behind the scenes. it is key for people to be able to get a better understanding of where the artist’s idea comes from. the fans get to understand his humor other than making their own interpretation of it. wiz even shared his personal interests via his v-logs. he filmed his tattoo sessions as well as his trips.

10) business mind

wiz is a herbivore. he is an environmentalist. he also monetized on his passion by creating a business selling rolling papers. he is a known advocate for weed.

wiz khalifa persevered and it paid off! sticking with his marketing plan was the key to his success!

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