Jaysen Gold

Jaysen Gold

Jaysen Gold has known he wanted to be a country music singer/songwriter since he saw Randy Owen lead Alabama in “If I Had You” on a special Myrtle Beach Edition of Nashville Now at the ripe old age of 3. He learned how to maneuver a microphone before he learned how to maneuver a spoon. He’s been singing and performing his whole life, and he’s glad the hard work finally lead him here. It was an emotional, windy road though.

Jaysen spent 4 years in country radio as a DJ at Big Froggy 101 in State College, PA, where he got tired of spinning other people’s songs. Thankfully, in 2011, he felt like God was telling him it was finally time to move from Happy Valley to Music City to chase the dream planted in his heart.

Now a resident of the Nashville area, Jaysen finally put on some running shoes and is chasing the dream.

Since 2012, he’s had the opportunity to write with Judy Rodman (“One Way Ticket”), and Debbie Moore (“Wish You Were Here”), who taught him key aspects of songwriting and the music business in general. You can find 3 of Jaysen’s cowrites, including the top 10 single (according to Airplay Direct) “So Far No Good,” on award winning duo Moore & Moore’s 2016 release “My Present To You.”

In March of 2016, Jaysen released “About Time,” an EP featuring 5 songs cowritten by Jaysen and some very talented songwriters. For more info on the EP and show dates, visit facebook.com/jaysengoldmusic, and follow Jaysen on Twitter @JaysenGold. “About Time” is available wherever digital music is sold, and at all of Jaysen’s live shows.