Kraken Music is Coming to America! Are You Ready?

Kraken Music is coming to America! With that, we got a chance to interview and what an interview it turned out to be. Check it out below and make sure you try and see them when they get to the States.

So tell us about the Mesa Music Festival you will be playing in November.

I’m very excited! We were supposed to start the tour only in 2019, all the planning for the next year was already happening, USA, Europe and then Asia tour. But with the MMF, we decided to anticipate at least the states tour. Personally, I didn’t want to wait…(Laughs). We’ve been working on the new set and all the songs for the show, the image, clothes, concept… I can’t wait to party and make everyone have the best time ever. I love festivals and I’m very curious and excited about coming to Mesa (AZ) this November!

Is this your first time to tour in the US?

Yes, first tour in the US! The last time I’ve been to the states I was producing so I was at the studio all the time… Since my song “You and I” came out we started to create the concept which would lead to this world tour, so It was a busy year, I wanted every detail to be the way I planned, the experience of a party, festival, making you feel great, change your energy for better. All that planned in every detail, because that is my purpose with music.

Describe your live show for us!

At my show I will command this party will all the energy of an EDM show, funny and positive lyrics, raps and stories that I know you can relate! I will make you dance and jump with me because, for me, the best thing about a party is having fun together, that is my goal. So when I press the play and get my mic we’re are starting our night!

What songs will be in your USA sets?

I’m always bringing surprises and songs that are not released yet, it’s our moment and I want everyone to feel special, so I always try to make something just for them. But I’m definitely playing my You and me, the Remix Edition made by the Italian DJ Why Not, Party, What About You, Lucky, Trouble and so many others!

Tell us about the differences in the Brazil music scene as opposed to the US?

BR is different in many aspects, it was a closed music industry for many years and maybe even now when about more 98% of their music is for the national market. We have audience for international artist as Brazil is a big country that imports a lot of international music, but BR music industry doesn’t have a history of creating international careers, so in my case, as I’m a songwriter and I started writing in English, the international market was my only option, now it’s the best thing because I have both ways the international

What parts of the US are you excited to see and play?

Oh, I’m very excited to play and see for the first time Arizona, Mesa, and Scottsdale are definitely something I’m looking forward to! LA was an amazing surprise that we were only planning for the next year, so being able to play there so soon made me even more excited about it, it will be my first time in California, so not only playing but everything will be new! Orlando was a must, is the place I’ve been in the most in the USA besides NYC, to be able to come back, do press, radio and on tour will be amazing.

Tour Dates:

We’ll be coming to Mesa, Scottsdale, Los Angeles, and Orlando this November!

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