Why did u select this song as your single?
I chose this song as my single because it had a edgy sound to it that was lacking in todays music. Plus it instantly got the party started and its very catching. Thats crucial in finding a hit single. Im young, so I like to have fun but at the same time bring a lyrical approach while doing so.
What was the writing process like for this song?
It really wasn’t that complicated. Whenever I hear a beat that jumps out at me it comes natural in my writing process.  Kind of like the song makes itself. The music just falls on the paper when I’m really feeling the production.
What do you feel you do better than other musicians in your genre that makes you stand out?
I make hit songs without dumbing down my lyrics. Good lyrics are a element that is starting to slowly come back in hip hop but I really never stopped being lyrical. You have to find that common ground. Some songs have to remain fun but never forget what makes a great emcee.  I also feel like I have my own lane. I dont sound like other rappers out. I stay true to what I do and thats what keeps my fans holding me down. BANGMODE!

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