Wine Pon It by @DjMarleyWaters

DJ Marley Waters (Previously known as Genesis) is known for creating worldwide sound. Progressive, electronic, trap, and super bass 808’s that hypnotize the listener to the beat of his drums and abstract melodies. DJ Marley Waters welcomes all to take a journey into Marley’s World.
Best described as a renaissance man, DJMW first expressed himself to the world through dancing. He and his dance crew, “Status Quo” performed on several major network stations and shows such as Randy Jackson presents “America’s Best Dance Crew” and ABC’s “Good Morning America”. DJMW made his first major film debut appearing in Oscar winning actor, Cuba Gooding Jr.’s new movie, “Life Of A King” directed by Jake Goldberger. Progressively evolving, he continued to excel in songwriting and producing records for platinum, award winning artists, who now give him exclusive unreleased content for his mixing and our listening pleasure.
Starting the year 2014 with an impact, DJ Marley Waters has gained industry respect by producing some of the hottest major label singles on the radio charts today. DJ Marley Waters introduces a new sound with producing RCA Record’s Tinashe “2 On” (ft. Schoolboy, Co-Produced by DJ Mustard). With the song taking over radio and clubs by storm, Shazam has already tallied over 1,000,000 hits on the popular music app. DJMW has created a signature sound that has become significant in mainstream radio.
With a passport almost stamped completely, DJMW has successfully leaped into the mainstream international market. The most recent tour appearance in Hong Kong, China showcased the extreme, trap mixer DJ Marley Waters, performing on the same stage alongside, World’s popular DJs including rising EDM star, Avicii.
All who are a witness to Marley’s World describe a party experience like no other. Justin Bieber even personally invited DJMW to his private home to provide the sounds of a classic night. Between the music that creates ear orgies as he mixes and scratches the turntables, to the beautiful women that can’t get enough of his music (and him); wherever he goes he provides the “turned up” ambience of the party.
Let his music lure you into getting lost in his sound waves Then when the beat drops, the tsunami of bass will hit you on impact like you’ve never experienced before.
Feel good about life. Party with DJ Marley Waters…

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