Music: Nobody Knows by Tony Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh, PA

The idea behind the chorus is the myth that young people believe when they smoke weed (fifty or loud) it helps you deal with the problem easier and it doesn’t, I felt as though I had to address the myth that most rappers try to feed to the youth. The song was just based on all the things that I was feeling and dealing with that I didn’t feel comfortable talking to anybody about cause I feared they would mistake my concerns about my life for complaints. Sometimes people don’t understand that even though their intentions may be to help you its discouraging when they indirectly downplay the seriousness of your pain, hurt, etc. People can make you feel like what your feeling isn’t that bad…and that hurts. That’s why I just kept alot of stuff to myself and decided to put that in the song…and Nobody Knew that I felt that way hence the reason the song is called “NOBODY KNOWS”. This was my personal therapy session with myself. Make sure to like MAC Cartel Page

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