Music: Time Machines Exist by MACE BALLARD


Our songwriting process is in depth. We always record ideas on our iPhone when things pop up and send them to one another, then we get together acoustically when you can really hear the structure of a song and build it from there. Everyone in the band has a lot to contribute to this process, we love collaborating with each other, and everyone has a different talent to bring to the table, it wouldn’t be as good if it was just one of us driving everything, we’re not that kind of band.

Additionally, for this album, we worked with Steve Soboslai of Punchline in the preproduction phase, where we focused a lot on songwriting, structure, melody, etc. It was a helpful experience and really got us prepared for the studio. The Next Time You See Sky was something we wrote to be a true album. It’s not a concept album, per se, but there are distinct themes that run throughout and musically we tried to arrange the album to have a clear beginning, clear end, as well as times when the energy changes pace, just like you would a song. It’s kind of like making a mixed CD or a playlist for someone, only they are all our songs.
We chose Time Machines Exist for the video because it really lends itself to a story and we wanted our video to be kind of a short story, a plot, set to the song rather than a typical performance music video. Also, it’s the only love song on the album, and in our experience, people really like love, plus the music is catchy while retaining some of the Mace Ballard edge we like to bring.
Also, we just put out a new song called “As a Matter of Stats” that you can hear at our Warped Tour battle site
Check that out too

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