Editorial: Think Global & Listen Local Blog by Rob K.

Welcome to the Think Global & Listen Local Blog
First, I would like to thank Michael Palmer, a long-time friend of mine and founder of IMoveILive.com, for the opportunity to voice my opinions on a wide range of topics related to music, movies, politics, sports and life.
Now down to business…
I am Rob K and I hold my undergraduate degrees from the Pennsylvania State University and a MPIA from the University of Pittsburgh. I currently live in Columbus, Ohio with my beautiful girlfriend (Niki) and love experiencing new things! I work as an analyst in economic development focusing on manufacturing and international competitiveness.
My interests include several different genres of music, movies, politics and sports. I am a huge Pittsburgh sports fan (Steelers, Pens and Pirates). I also am a diehard Penn State fan….We Are!!!
Although, this blog will focus mostly on my critique of the current state of music and more specifically the music industry. I anticipate having several posts related to my other interests including some work on the upcoming NFL draft, specifically regarding the Steelers!
I hope to get to know all of you and can’t wait to hear your feedback – good or bad! You are more than welcome to contact me anytime at robk@imoveilive.com! I would love to hear from you!
Next week, I will release the first of a multiple-part expose – “Is pop music too complex? Music deviation from its natural progression” In these installment, I will take a critical look at the current trend of pop music to over emphasize “beats” and under-emphasize lyrical content.

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