The Intro: Blaq Carrie – Brisbane, Australia

Welcome to “The Intro,” a new show by iMoveiLive Online Music Magazine. The concept is to introduce music lovers to fast raising talent outside of our typical Pittsburgh, PA focus area. This Intro is a cooperation between and iMoveiLive Online Music Magazine. On this episode we speak with Blaq Carrie of Brisbane, Australia.


Hi #IAMBlaqCarrie-Rapper/Singer, a new face new voice artist set to make a massive impact on the music scene. Hailing from Harare the capital city of Zimbabwe. Began my love obsession with hip hop at the tender age of 12. Through sheer determination have perfected my skills as a lyricist since I started rapping and writing at 15. Being in one of the most competitive and challenging industries in the world am not scared to perform my way into it. Am single-handedly putting in a tremendous effort to fund my recording and production while constantly improving my musical abilities at the same time.
But there’s one thing that I want to make very clear and let people know is that #AMDifferent from the ordinary wannabe performers in the music game. Rather than superficial champagne music my work aims to reflect on big issues and the important things in life. “I’m not just a rapper I’m an ARTIST/MUSICIAN.
After releasing my first mixtape “Training Session” in 2008 am now taking my game to a whole new level. Although my career has just begun l have already started to work my way to the top, performing at the opening night for Brisbane’s premier cultural venue The Edge. At the moment am currently working with two local producers here in Brisbane, Australia Josh Travers and James North for my debut album “Labour Of Love” with no actual release date for the mean time .
As Labour Of Love starts to take shape am proud to say that am now more than ready than ever to unleash my potent lyrics on an unsuspecting audience. With my music influences including Kanye West, Lauryn Hill, Jay Z, Aaliyah, 2Pac, Biggie & Talib Kweli .
“it seems her dream of winning a Grammy is not only possible, but inevitable. Join her on a quest with music right now before it’s too late.” – Josh Travers Music Producer/Writer/Mixer
So in a nut shell this is who I AM plus i love me some red wine……:))
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