The Afterimage Release Debut Album, EVE

The Afterimage rejects the idea of limiting their music to any one specific sound. The band strives to create music that is powerful and captivating, taking listeners on a roller coaster ride through waves of different emotions. This is portrayed perfectly on their debut full-length album, EVE. With no resolution in sight, each track creates a new story touching on elements including personal relationships, addiction and losing a loved one. Perfect transitions from clean singing to earth shattering screams compliment chaotic guitar work and pummeling drums to create a unique sound all their own. As vocalist Kyle Anderson put it: “We really wanted to create something that could be applicable to any metal listener, but also connect with a wider audience lyrically as we all experience negative and difficult experiences in our lives. I think we achieved just that and are very excited to continue the journey of The Afterimage”.
The eleven track record symbolizes years of hard work and dedication, it is undoubtedly the band’s most diverse release to date. EVE is available on all streaming platforms with physical copies and merchandise available at Merchbucket.

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