Technology: Apple Watch

iwatch-editionWithout the visionary Jobs it had seem as if Apple had lost its luster. Since Jobs passed away three years back all the world has gotten from the company was upgrades to already existing product. Today that all changed, with the introduction of the Apple Watch there might be some winds left in their sails.
Cook the current CEO said, “It is amazing what you can do from your wrist” when he spoke of the James Bond looking gadget. The Apple Watch’s top-of-the-line edition comes in a casing made of 18-karat gold, with an array of elegant bands available for most models.
With this new product Apple is still late to market as other companies have already dabbled into this space. But just like the mp3 player, the smartphone and tablet Apple was behind in bringing it to market, but they are known to do it the best and revitalize an industry with their innovation to each market, you believe they came up with the idea.
The smartwatch “might not only be a game changer for Apple, but for the entire industry,” says FBR Capital Markets analyst Daniel Ives. “A lot of major technology players around the globe are taking notes on what Apple is trying to do here.”
According to Cook this is the “most personal device we have ever created.” Let’s see if apple can do it again.

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