Teach Me How to Let Go

 Each one of us experiences both good and bad while we are on this Earth. Experiencing things that we’ll never forget, going through the ups and downs that life throws our way and meeting people that touch are hearts are all a part of this amazing journey that we call life. Being able to convey those emotions and experiences can leave artists vulnerable, which Keys & Corridors aren’t afraid to get extremely raw and real in their new single, “One Hundred.”

We all have those people in our lives who shape who we are and when we lose them, it can feel like the whole world is crashing down around us. After experiencing the passing of her grandmother, Vocalist/Guitarist Lauren Seveney, took the emotions surrounding the tragic situation to create something beautiful. Seveney shared, “This song expresses both the joy of knowing and loving someone and the pain in learning how to say goodbye. We also wanted to honor her memory in her faith, which is why we chose to bring church imagery in both the lyrics and video presentation. I hope I made her proud.”

Wanting to bring to life the emotional lyrics, the touching video will spark viewers to their own memories of those they’ve loved and lost. Vocalist Kaylene Widdoes added, ““Not only was this song one of the most honest and hurting songs we’ve ever written, but the music video was an incredible way to convey the emotions we put in to the song. Filming in a beautiful church, the imagery we got from the stained glass throughout the day truly brought the heart of the song and it’s amazing to be able to share something so personal with the world.”

Keys & Corridors have been busy behind the scenes after the release of their debut EP, “Thieves,” and look forward to releasing more new music along with getting back out on the road.

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