So Long Ago

We had a great time interviewing The Disraeli Dreamers about their new single, “So Long Ago.” This band may be on their way with a few more good decision and a couple more singles. Keep it up guys and keep working hard. Check out the interview and get to know the band members. the band includes, Peter Vander Hout (singer/songwriter, acoustic guitar), Simon King (singer/songwriter, keys), Ryan Sorensen (electric guitar), Chris Tuscherer (bass), and Andrew Olver (drums).
Why did you select this song as your current single?
Ryan Sorensen (RS): Choosing the first single off an album is always a challenging task. We put the time into crafting each song to exactly to where we want it to be, and there’s a different element in each one I that I think would be killer as that first song that we could showcase to the world. What really stood out with So Long Ago in particular was the kinetic energy that flows throughout the entire track. I’d like to think that this is an example of what Disraeli Dreamers does best; rock hard and with a ton of heart!
How does this single relate to the rest of the Album, EP or Mix-tape?
RS: So Long Ago was actually a long time in the making.
Peter Vander Hout (PVH): Yes! It was actually written years before the other songs on the EP. I started writing So Long Ago probably eight or nine years ago with some lyrics but didn’t finish it til last year.
RS: The Lucid EP is an eclectic work that was intended to showcase everything that Disraeli Dreamers is capable of. We can be rocking, or retro, or outlaw country or even quirky sometimes. For our first time at bat we wanted to show everyone that we really weren’t defined by a single type of sound. Sure it all falls into the category of alt rock and each song has the band’s signature is written all over it, but each one is definitely its own character. The worst thing for us would to be the type of group that writes the same song again and again. I personally think that So Long Ago fits perfectly in the EP as its centerpiece, but the true beauty of our sound in my opinion comes from listening to the complete work as a whole. Most of us in the band are old enough to be a fan of records and not singles (laughs). Obviously you need to have strong, killer songs that would make a good addition to a playlist. But how they relate to others in the original collection makes it more than the sum of their parts. I think The Lucid EP does exactly what my favourite albums do; take a great song and make them better in the context of the whole.
What was the writing process for the song?
PVH: I started writing So Long Ago after my breakup with my first wife. I hadn’t met my second wife yet but knew I would find someone. The song is written because I was with my first wife from the ages of fifteen through twenty-eight. How she changed but we stayed together simply because we already had been together for so long and we had a son together.
What does this song’s lyric mean to you?
PVH: I just simply wanted to write a song about getting trying to get away from someone but being drawn back time after time and breaking up and getting back together all the while knowing she wasn’t right for me and would eventually meet someone that was better for me and better to me. The lyrics are exactly what I was feeling through my divorce.
What would it be like to see you in person performing So Long Ago?
RS: The biggest different between the recording and the seeing it live was the addition of keys in the live version. Originally when we were coming up with the arrangement of the song, we had a bit more of a barn-burner rocker concept. It still is, of course, but the addition of Simon gives it a slightly more complex feel when watching it live.
Simon King (SK): Yeah it’s obviously different than hearing the recording. They recorded that song before I joined the band and I play piano when we do it live. There’s no piano on the original recording, they didn’t even ask me to learn it on the piano for when I auditioned, I just assumed they wanted me to play it.
Chris Tuscherer (CT): Seeing us preform So Long Ago is always an exciting experience for the fans. I like to get into the music and groove and I like putting on a good show for the audience to enjoy. I think watching us play So Long Ago makes the audience want to keep coming back for more.
Andrew Olver (AO): When I perform So Long Ago I like to start the song quiet. Because it’s just guitar in the beginning, I usually like to start the snare roll with a steady crescendo. Then hit the audience with a big drum roll with a lot of toms. The cymbals and the open hats give a visceral edge to the verses. I keep the kick drum steady to drive the song. The drum beat changes consistently to keep the energy going. I am very expressive when I play this song and like to rock out hard during! It is a highlight of the set in my opinion.
Could your fans summarize who you are as an artist by So Long Ago?
AO: I believe So Long Ago is one of those songs that encompasses everything Disraeli Dreamers is about. We have mix between modern styling but often harken back to the music of the 70’s and 90’s. I was raised on classic rock and it is a strong influence on our song writing. We were around for one of the last great eras of rock. It holds a very special place in my heart.
SK: Yes and no. Yes because it’s a good song for Peter, it says who he is as a songwriter really well, it sounds good whether we play it as a band or Peter plays it by himself and it’s also the kind of song that’s easy for fans to associate with us. No because we experiment a lot with our sound and our writing and having one song summarizing us doesn’t really say a lot about who we are as a band.
RS: I agree with both of you actually. I do think So Long Ago showcases the best of what our band is capable of in terms of delivering a strong song that everyone can get behind. I have no problem letting So Long Ago be the piece that stands alone to represent our identity as a band. On the other hand, to Simon’s point, So Long Ago only scratches the surface of who we are artistically. As great as we think it is a song, we have so much more to offer as artists. Peter said earlier that he had been writing the song off and on for a decade. Now that the five of us are together as Disraeli Dreamers, our sound continues to evolve as we gel better as a collective and push ourselves as artists. So Long Ago is fantastic song and we are immensely proud of it, but I would say you need to see us live or listen to the full album to get a better idea where our musical sensibilities truly lie.
Is there a video planned and or completed and if so, what was the idea behind the video?
RS: The short answer is no. The Lucid EP was intended to act as our introduction to the world; our musical statement that we want to let stand on its own. Music videos are really passé now at this point anyways. Unless you’re Taylor Swift working with a hot director and celebrity cameos, people don’t really want to watch a narrative music video anymore. That’s not to say that we won’t put out some live videos from our upcoming tour at some point. To me there is more value in a well-produced video showing what your band is like live then having some cheesy storyline with actors. We just want our music to speak for itself at this point, and eventually find its audience. When we reach that pinnacle where we have a steady fan base that are demanding music videos we will happily oblige. Until then our band cash is better spent working towards our follow-up album.
One last question, what is your motivation behind your music?
PVH: My motivation is to get the music that’s in my head and into to as many people that can hear it. To put everything I’ve been through and make sense of it through music
SK: Music has always been a big part of my life. A lot of people in my family are musicians and music is just something I’ve always known. I’m good at plenty of other things, but music is the one thing I’m better at than anything else. When I play, I feel like I’m entirely in my natural element.
RS: For me it’s all about creating moments. Both those moments for myself personally where something strange or unexpected happens that makes something a thousand times better than planned. And I also love be part of the creation of shared moments between the band and the audience. There is nothing cooler than if we are in a groove or rocking some hook and the audience is right there with us. I dig it, man. Those are the moments that will motivate me to keep going and creating new experiences. Rock ‘n’ roll is an adventure, and I’m just happy to be living it!
CT: My motivation behind music has been always been to strive to better myself as a player and to always serve the song as a musician. One of my biggest influences as a bass player is Dee Murray, Elton John’s bass player, god rest his soul. I always think of music as a continual learning experience so I have to continuously adapt to change and trying to better myself as a musician. Wanting to be the best player I can be motivates me to do better. Dee Murray motivates me to be a better bass player and serve the song as a musician. I’m motivated by my fellow band mates as well to do the best I can do.
AO: The motivation behind our music is to bring rock’n’roll back into the spotlight. Rock needs to go back to the underground and find that audience again. There are many young kids that are looking for the power and energy rock has to offer. At the same time we try to innovate and bring a fresh sound. My influences come from all genres and it comes out in my performance.


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