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Its 12:00 AM Saturday Morning we just received a text that Stan CLMG should be calling us in 10 minutes to complete this interview. He just finished wrapping up another episode of “Friday Night Lights” on 105.7 FM, a radio show/podcast that has become more and more popular trademarked as a party on radio that never gets old as it speeds into its 6th syndicated season gaining major sponsorship along the way.

With the success of radio and a new album entitled “GodSpeed” set to release, Stan CLMG seems to be conquering on every opportunity and surpassing the underground forever title.

1:47 AM our phone rings.

Stan CLMG, what’s up my friend? The schedule seems to be busier for you now.

Ha ha what’s good homie! Na man I just had to finish up some drops for DJ Blackice for his heat advisory mixtape series right after the radio show. You know, No Days or Nights off.

We definitely see the work ethic. We heard the 1st Official Single “Shadows” off the GodSpeed Album, it feels classic. What was the concept behind the song?

Thanks bro. Shadows is like your battle against everything that wants to knock you off your path. We’ve been on this Journey for a while but the past year we’ve felt GodSpeed!

The album feels like a journey. From the first song to the end. This feels like a Special Moment in hip hop. With all the great music you’re creating, do you ever feel like you guys are not getting the notice you deserve?

Na, I don’t focus on it. My main focus is to create timeless music. The underground is home, it’s crazy because we’re doing the same streaming numbers as major artists. But it’s cool, it feels good when they mention our music in the same category as classics we grew up on and enjoy.

Yeah it’s like you guys have a more solid following of listeners.

Yeah I remember the first contract I ever signed was with this indie label and one of the main things I learned was it’s important to build a small loyal fan base first from the bottom up. You can build a career with 30,000 listeners as an indie artist.

Exactly especially if the music is good!

You said on the first song of GodSpeed “The Preacher said Jesus Walks with me, I Hope we on the same Pace”. It feels like a moment of trying to keep the faith on this song, am I correct?

In some form of concept yeah that could be described. I come from a strong religious background; a lot of what we were taught came from religious morals. As I became older I became more spiritual than religious. But at the end of the day we’re all on this journey called life attempting to keep good and positive vibes around us. At least the majority of us are.

True words my friend. You seem to always include that in your music. Let’s talk about the song titled Ashley Madison, this was a huge controversy, but on the song you seem to give the views of the woman and man and focusing less bias on the actual controversy.

Yeah, you know what was so crazy about the controversy of Ashley Madison is it was married senators, politicians and wall street guys getting caught up with high end escorts. But people seem to be more upset about them cheating with escorts than the infidelity itself. Haha it’s like the cheating would’ve been acceptable if it wasn’t escorts.

Haha yeah you’re right, it’s like it was the escorts fault.

Yeah man, so I wrote the song from the perception of the stripper drugging herself out to strip at night to pay her rent because that’s all she knows at the time. Quick Money and the man being engaged in the hustle ethic and getting lost in the passion.

Man this album is incredible. When and where can we get GodSpeed?

July 6, 2017 it’s gone be everywhere. All the digital platforms, ITunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and Google Play, everywhere man. We also got a special deal with Amazon Marketplace to produce the physical copies of the album. All Summer 17!

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