Music: Ripples (We Get Down) by Fortified PhonetX

1. Why did the group select this song as the single?
When we chose this song as a single we were really looking for a track off the album that was a solid well-rounded representation of who and what we are as a crew.  With “Ripples (We Get Down)” you catch a glimpse of everything we are capable of from the rhymes provided by Moemaw Naedon and Connect, the scratches from DJ Blacklisted, and a raw boom bap beat crafted by Moemaw Naedon.
2. What would a video look like for this song?
There is no video for this song yet.  We do have a video for “Harold Camping” that we are yet to release and we are planning a video shoot for “The Cave” in early January.
3.How does this song relate to the rest of the album?
It really fits into what The Plastic Eaters album is all about.  From this track and the rest of the album you can gather that we are a no BS, no gimmick type of group, but still have the ability to let loose and have fun in a manner that doesn’t compromise the old-school ethics and morals of hip hop that we grew up on.  There are songs on the album for fans of hip hop music, for the mcs, for the beat heads, and some sociopolitically charged material, all delivered in what we view as a raw and conscious manner.
4.What was the writing process like for this song?
The process was pretty simple.  Naedon played the beat for Connect, he approved, Naedon had a hook written for it pretty quickly.  We wrote our verses separately vibing off the hook with the idea of putting in some type of “boom bap” reference.  The verses worked perfectly together so we recorded it and got the track to DJ Blacklisted to polish it up with some cuts.
5.What would it be like to see you guys perform this song?
In performing this song live you’re going to notice a lot of energy, great execution and live chemistry between the crew.
Twitter: @FPX412
Upcoming shows: We have a show in Butler, PA Saturday January 12th at The Brick House.  Our next show here in Pittsburgh is Sunday January 20th at Gene’s Place in Oakland, I don’t think all the details have been released for that show yet.  We are also about to go on a small Midwest tour January 22-26.

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