Album Review: Brand New by Brittany Spriggs – Nashville, TN

Brit Album artArtist: Brittany Spriggs
Album: Brand New
Reviewer: Jaysen Gold
iMoveiLive Rating: 5 out of 5

     Her album may be called “Brand New” and she’s brand new to the recording industry, but you couldn’t tell how new Brittany Spriggs is by listening to the smooth alto voice she offers up on her debut independent Nashville release.  Brittany is a Nashville native and a pupil of country music.  She credits Reba, Faith Hill and Shania Twain to be among her biggest influences and she’s successfully combined their musical styles to make up her own unique brand of pop country.

Brand New opens with “Deeper,” a power ballad that would put any man at ease.  She proclaims in the song that, “she wants to know everything single thing about you that no one else has found.”
The warm and fuzzies turn into hot and feisty feelings on the next track co-written by the same woman who wrote Keith Urban’s number one smash “Stupid Boy.”  “Full Moon Friday” is about friends letting loose and having a great time on a Friday night.
The first bit of heart wrench on “Brand New” comes during her traditional country song “I Don’t Know,” where she sings amongst slide and acoustic guitars that she doesn’t know if she’ll ever love again.  It seems though that she gets over that man in the next track where she lets him know that the song that their favorite song was better than he ever was.
Brand New is full of heart, great lyrics and killer instrumentation.  Often times unsigned artists use drum loops and midi keyboards to make up their sound, “Brand New” features live instruments, raw background vocals and the writing credits make up a “who’s who” of the Nashville songwriter scene.  Download this album and share it with your friends.  Get Brittany to autograph anything you have nearby because you soon will get to say, “I knew her when.”

About the reviewer:
Jaysen Gold was a radio DJ in Central PA for half a decade and recently made the move to music city to pursue a career in songwriting and teaching.  Check out Jaysen’s original songs at

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