Music: Paparazzi by Project ATL – Reading, PA

“Paparazzi” was written by Trenton Holston, Lenton Holston and Alexander Jackson. The song was inspired from personal experiences. We all have been in relationships where we weren’t completely trusted. The trust issues weren’t necessarily because of actions on our end but also from friends adding their opinions.
We used the term “Paparazzi” because friends choose to pass on misinformation without getting all the facts to back up their allegations. Sometimes these actions are brought about out of jealousy and spite of others. The song is an entertaining way of saying “tell your friends to mind their own business or you may lose a good man”. I think its a song that anyone whose had a relationship can relate to in some way or another. We also titled the song “Paparazzi” because of the fact that the track is from the Xibit song “Paparazzi” from one his earlier albums in the 90’s. All in all we felt like it was a great concept and it came out with a great sound.

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