Podcast: Picking The Brain Podcast Episode 10 ft Gina

Picking The Brain Podcast Episode 10 ft GinaIn Episode 10 Sara, Iph BMW, Mrs BMW & special guest Gina discuss Selling out, Idris Alba, The Pope’s change of heart, getting mail on Sundays, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Will Smith’s new music & a ton of other topics you won’t hear on other podcasts! They also review 2 indie artists songs. 
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Songs featured in today’s Podcast (In order they appear)
Intro: SCR “Go In”
Outro: Lamar Cole “Fried Chicken n’ Late Nights”
Review #1: Jimmy B “Enzon”
Review #2: Tony Pittsburgh Ft Nae Bae “Fuck Y’all” (Prod by M.Tomlin)
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