Podcast: Picking The Brain Ep 16 Ft Deavon Hammonds (Promo Push)

IMG_1050In episode 16 Iph BMW, Ashante & Sara discuss whether on not women should be president, the Pittsburgh Steelers, interview Deavon Hammonds of Promotional Push (www.promotionalpush.com), a ton of other topics & review 2 new song submissions.
Intro Song: What Iph from “Beats 4 Rappers Vol 4
Outro: Trev Rich “Circles

Review Song #1: Kayden Crooks “Too Fast
Review Song #2: Brandon Tory “Pain In My Dreams
Ep 16 is brought to you by What Iph Studios “Beats 4 Rappers Vol. 4” available 10/16/15 & Ave Amen’s “The Ascension” mixtape.
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