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With her stunning voice, beautiful looks and intense drive, COOPER PHILLIP captures the undivided attention of the eyes and ears around her. COOPER has always been a small town girl with dreams bigger than anyone could fully imagine. Born in Russia to a family of classical musicians, her early years were shaped being raised by her grandmother and aunt while her mother, a master violin player, toured around the world with various symphonies. This separation led COOPER to take comfort in music at an early age where she was mesmerized by the vocal stylings of Ella Fitzgerald. She learned her songs inside and out, noticing every nuance of Ella’s phrasing and jazz intonations.  At 12 years old, COOPER permanently went to live with her mother. It was a major adjustment for both of them, but her mom soon realized her daughter had a gift and decided to help expand her musical talents. She enrolled COOPER in the prestigious Moscow State Classical Academy where she studied classical piano, theory, harp, jazz, blues, ballet and voice. And it was her vocal teacher at the academy who would prove to be the most pivotal in her development when she introduced her to the music of Mariah Carey. COOPER was obsessed. “I would just listen to her for hours upon hours”. She worked diligently to expand her range and control her voice to impress both her audience and her teachers. She loved the challenge.
“Something about being in front of an audience and winning a competition at such a young age only made me more curious and interested in seeing what I could do with my voice” says COOPER.
She began singing every day, taking in the sounds of Barbra Streisand and studying a wide range of artist. Listening to her impressive pipes, her voice, which won singing competitions at 11 years old, easily elevates her above the rest of aspiring sirens. Not only gifted vocally, she learned classical piano and harp, being raised in a family of accomplished classical musicians.
All along, COOPER had her sights set on the big city. Determined to pursue a career in music, COOPER’s mother let her move to New York at 17. With barely a dollar to her name, she worked and hustled, singing in weddings and clubs and sleeping in the storeroom of a restaurant where she sang. It wasn’t easy but she would not be deterred. After a few years in New York, COOPER jumped at an opportunity to sing at a gig in Los Angeles. She never went back. With a strong sense of direction, COOPER began pouring her heart into songs she would write for her debut EP, Walk A Mile. In writing she found an outlet to tell her story of lost love and pain in soul filled songs like Black Box, Tough Love and her single Silence.  She has also performed her music at various venues in LA such as Viper Room, Soho House, Spaghettini, Hotel Café, and Sayers Club.
With her natural charisma, limitless talent and genuine like-ability, the word “star quality” is used often when people meet this young girl. The future only seems to be getting brighter for COOPER as her soaring voice shines and her focused passion continues to grow every step of the way.
Check out our in-depth interview with this talented young woman about her single, “Party By Myself.
Why did you select this song as your current single?
I feel like everyone can relate to the message in Party By Myself. The moment you realize you are responsible for your own happiness, taking that power back – it is liberating. I will always put out music that speaks to things that I have been through. I’ve been addicted to another human being. I’ve been in toxic relationships but couldn’t see that I was in it. And then you have that moment when you see it and have the strength to walk away. This song spoke to that, that moment of independence. That’s why I chose this song as the single. It’s where I am in my life.
How does this single relate to the rest of the Album, EP or Mix-tape?
The process of writing my upcoming EP was incredible. I took my time and enjoyed creating this new musical chapter in my life. I believe audiences connect with you the most when you are telling them your own story, and they find inspiration inside of your story that resonates with what is going on in their own lives. After writing 16 songs in 4 months, I picked the 5 best songs, the ones that tell my story in the most honest way, and they will be released together in January. Party By Myself is just one piece of this, the sound you hear on this single will be consistent throughout the EP.
What was the writing process for the song?
I knew what I wanted to say. I came to the studio with a solid idea and direction. Since this was the beginning of my new musical chapter, I wanted to try something that felt a lot different than what I have done in the past, that gave a strong sense of self, self love, self determination, self reliance. I knew this song had to be the single.
What does this song’s lyric mean to you?
I wrote about something that we’re all looking for…balance, comfort, happiness…independence. Nothing can push us back as hard as our own insecurities and fears, and I think this song is a reminder that if we truly let our fear go, we can achieve all of those things. The lyrics came out very simple, but the meaning behind what I’m trying to express is a powerful message for us all. I hope this message can help everyone find their freedom.
Could your fans summarize who you are as an artist by this song?
You have to love yourself first before you can give love to someone else. Party By Myself is saying exactly that. “Gonna show out, like I never get to go out” and ” I just wanna dance just turn up the music now…when I get alone I forget that you were ever here” are me telling the audience that I’m in a celebratory mood because I’ve extricated myself from someone that wasn’t for me.
Is there a video planned and or completed and if so, what was the idea behind the video?
There is a video planned but I’m keeping the details close to the vest. I have an amazing creative team and they are helping me to execute my vision.
One last question, what is your motivation behind your music?
First, it’s to express myself through music and lyrics. I’m motivated by expression. A lot of my songs I start on a piano letting the chords express my mood. Then a melody isn’t far behind. I always have concepts of things I want to say or a line or a phrase that stuck with me or means something to me. I want to inspire others but the motivation is not be inspirational. It’s to be authentic and honest in my music and my dream is that the world gets to hear it and take something from it.

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