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unnamedThe Independent Artist Competition Association (IACA) will be launching the world’s first-ever Music-Sports league franchises in L.A., ATL, NYC & MIA in 2016. The IACA is the National Governing Body for a brand new form of music competition called, “Music-Sports.
The Independent Artist Competition Series (IACS) is the first-ever music-sports league. The IACS is structured much like the NFL and NBA as it includes an annual draft; competitive season; ranking system and postseason playoffs. The first IACS season will begin on January 2016. The league is currently accepting submissions for the 2015 IACS-Draft. There are no submission fees.
“In this era of music, indie artists are moreover measured on their popularity versus their talent. An artist may have 5 million YouTube views and may get a deal solely based on that. This doesn’t truly constitute how talented or the potential an artist may have on a major scale. No different than the NFL or NBA, I wanted to create a sports league-formatted platform where all-genres compete under unified rules to determine the TRUE top indie artists in the country, and, eventually, the world.”
-Juan A. Thompson, Founder, President & CEO
The league will also be launching an IACS-Juniors division for artists 8-13. The IACA goal is to build-out the league to 32-franchise national league, eventually, launching franchises in Canada, U.K., Puerto Rico, Europe, Japan and Australia by 2022. Ultimately, petitioning for the Summer Olympic Games as early as 2024.
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