Only Human (feat. Delious) by Sweet Eve

Where do you go from collaborating with heavy metal giant Nick Menza? Collaborate with a giant of R&B of course. At least that is what Hollywood rock band Sweet Eve is doing with their latest release “Only Human”, the follow up to their successful 2016 album “The Immortal Machine”. Sweet Eve has been one of the most selective bands in the music scene, they rarely play gigs and only take on projects to satisfy their creativity. Frontman Tony Francis refers to the band like “the army reserve, we practice all the time and we only go out once in a while.” When the band does go out they do it with a bang.
Last year the band supported metal legends Flotsam and Jetsam as well as Hatchet. This coming year the band is taking on the Monday night residency at the Whisky a Go-Go in January. “We were looking to do something with Puddle of Mudd and the promoter was like ‘how about a residency’ so we talked it over and were like why not?” Sweet Eve broke into the Hollywood scene in 2009 and had a hugely successful run before spending 2010 and 2011 working on their debut album “Shadow Over Me” that reached #7 on iTunes new rock. “I regret that, I didn’t want to play while we were recording. I don’t know why, I think I thought it was going to be done sooner and it just became a habit”.
Sweet Eve is currently rehearsing for their upcoming residency and has enlisted the help of guitarist Giuseppe Genovese of the band “The Rebellion” and drummer Angelo Di Bello. Their upcoming EP is due out September 29, 2017 and can be pre-ordered on iTunes now.

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