Music: On My Job by Cory Eaux

Why did you choose this song as your single?
I chose this song as my single for several reasons. First, wit coming from a blue collar city such as Pittsburgh, I wanted to release a song that the people could play on the way to their day to day grind. I feel it is extremely important to touch those working class/hustler roots from my region.

 What does this song mean to you?
This song means so much more than just music to me. It represents a way of life. A life minus all the glamour and glitz. It glorifies a life of hardship and struggle, while still embodying that championship attitude. Its also the first solo song I’ve done with a big name industry producer (I.N.F.O. Productions).
What was the writing process behind this song?
 My writing process for “On My Job” was the same as it has been for any song, wait until the beat speaks to me. I rarely approach song writing with the intent to write a specific type of song. I usually let the feeling dictate the direct the song goes. It works better for me that way. I feel the music comes out sounding as more of a complete thought when I approach the track with a clear mind. I did however write the hook first to give me some direction. “On My Job” probably took about 90 minutes to write overall.
How did you select the instrumental for this song?
I got the beat from my fellow Justuce Street Poets group member Kniseburgh. He has a personal relationship with Cash Money Records producer I.N.F.O. Productions. When Kniseburgh heard the beat he felt it would be a perfect fit for me, and it was. I sat down and wrote the entire record maybe 2 days after i received the instrumental from them.

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