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Tzlil’s music is a unique fusion of international pop with Middle-Eastern influences. Known to the Israeli public as lead vocalist with one of Israel’s most popular Synth-Pop supergroup, Metropolin, where she collaborated with Israeli producer Ofer Meiri. Tzlil released her debut 3P (3 song EP), titled Tzlil 3.1. It’s a first release on her name that exhibits the unique musical cocktail that she has been mixing over the years; a spicy electronic sound that dives through the deep of the Mediterranean.
Check out the great interview about her single, “Oh My Love.” This song sings out loud new approach to pop that will one day will be big. Just know where the style originated, Tzlil.
Why did you select this song as your single?

I’m releasing an EP of 3 songs each season which I’m calling a “3P”. This is actually the third song from the current 3P, I released two songs before it but I saved it for last because I felt like it was the perfect single for the summer.
How does the single relate to the rest of the EP or mixtape?
For my first official release I really wanted a cohesive sound. Each song was chosen with the intention of it being paired with the others. Out of the twelve songs I had written, I felt like the three songs chosen (City Friends, Let Go, and Oh My Love) were the best fit because they all come from the same world and they were written during the same period of time. I did two of the songs with the same producer, Yakir Ben-Tov, and the third was with Roey Avital.
What was the writing process for the song?
Oh My Love, specifically, I worked with Yakir Ben-Tov and he started by arranging it on keyboard and I just started improvising over it. From there, we found a sound that we liked and started writing it with the guy who was actually the inspiration (aka Oh My Love).
What does this song’s lyrics mean to you?
This is actually the first song I’ve ever written with other people and not all by myself. I felt like we had this dialogue between each other as we figured out what the song was really about. Oh My Love is about trying to fix something that is unfixable, while trying to be honest with your feelings and accept that sometimes it’s ok to let go.
What would it be like to see you perform this song in person?
In a live setting, the audience experiences more of a Middle Eastern flair with a pop twist. We actually have a new live version of it which you can find on YouTube. I’m very focused on the visual aspects of my shows, I want my audience to be able to combine the music with the aesthetic to truly grasp the Tzlil experience. It’s a lot of fun, you should come and see the show if you get the chance!
Could your fans summarize who you are as an artist from this song?
I think so because this song combines my Middle Eastern influence with my pop aspirations. This song samples a very famous Israeli singer by the name of Zohar Argov. And at the end there’s also another little taste of the Middle Eastern texture, but it’s also very international. I really like the combination of Western and Eastern music, I think this song really has the right spices and the right fusion of the two fields of music.
What was the idea behind the video?
The video was directed by Amnon Ron, who also worked on the other videos from the project. It’s about a woman who finds herself being drawn more and more to the gold, the shiny, the brightness in her life and less to her partner. There is also a reference at the end to the opening clip from James Bond, we used gold silhouettes over a black background to give it more of a Middle Eastern twist which we really liked.
What is your motivation for your music?
I don’t know, “it’s in me I can’t let go” haha. Basically, I just want to find bridges between my roots, which comes from the Middle East, and the Western music I heard growing up watching Mtv and Vh1. I grew up hearing a lot of local music and also a lot of traditional music from Yemen to India to Morocco. In Israel there are so many cultures and I really want to make my music accessible to the whole world so that people can find themselves in my music even though they may not have grown up hearing the same music as me.

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