Music: Northern Whale-They Take It ALL

“They Take It ALL”
Capezzuto, Fisher, Stephens
Imperfekt Musik 10/2010
Produced by Bob Beals
This song is really about being young and dealing with life as a teenager. A lot of people look at it as an uplifting song, but… “we will all give in eventually”. Which makes it kind of a sad song I suppose. I think the listener hears some doubt in Jake Capezzuto’s voice (voice/guitar) in the lyrics.
The writing process. The main idea came from Brandon Fisher (guitars). He had most of the song sorted out and Jake Stephens (bass) and Jake Capezzuto finished it off.
I think it was picked as the first single mostly because we were 15 at the time we recorded it and it seems the most mature and probably best song of the first bunch recorded. It has a point and follows a fluid direction. They content reminds me of The Cure from their earlier days. I think Jake Capezzuto did a great job with the vocals with this one. -Jake Stephens

Capezzuto,Donchess,Fisher, Stephens
Imperfekt Musik 2/2012
Produced by Bob Beals
Pretty simple upbeat number about telling the truth to a person you never really liked.
This one was a group effort and a blast to make! We felt the next single, even though it’s content is not upbeat, need to have a few more BPM!!
I imagine Capezzuto had a girl in mind when he wrote the lyrics. -Jake Stephens

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