Music: No Wonder by Lukie Vuitton


Some general comments on the song are that i just dropped a mix-tape “The Round Table”,  i wanted to show the growth from there and a better idea what to expect of my new studio album dropping in a couple months called “Origins Of The Crusade”. Even tho i just dropped the mix-tape 1 month ago I’ve grown a lot as an artist.
I wrote the song just trying to do something different for me and just have more fun and play with the beat. Usually my songs end up being a lot deeper, but the “Origins Of The Crusade” album has allowed me to touch on my past a lot more, and what the origins of my crusade are. I think as i grow as a artist I’m starting to experiment more and see what people like and don’t like…..
It’s the single for a few reasons.. I think it shows a lot of growth and willingness to grow from me, also it think i did my job on the verses its a new sound for me and the flow and metaphors are crazy, and also there’s the fact that 2chainz is on the hook and he’s on everybody’s  sh!t… Lol…. So i figured that could help draw more attention to my album and my style alone…. Also once again it shows what to expect from “Origins Of The Crusade”…..
I choose the beat for a few reasons… 1. it just gets ya going, it’s got that vibe  to it… 2. i thought it would challenge me, and i wanted to see what i could do with it…. 3. I know 2chainz is blowing up right know and about to release his album, and people are listening to anything he’s on for now…. And mostly i would say just cause i thought it would challenge me and i wanted to see what i could make happen with it….
Next is just keep PUSHING!!!! I’m promoting the hell out of that “Origins Of The Crusade” Album…. Trying to line up as many shows as i can around PA before that drops, and doing a bunch of radio appearances….. Also building up our buzz more in PA and of course then farther…. And as our label were working with a few more artist trying to make things happen there in the future as well….

No Wonder by lukie vuitton

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