Nice Hair by Gathering of Strangers

As the UK is locked in the embrace of the summer sun sounds to suit its romance are the order of the day. The new single from UK outfit Gathering of Strangers certainly fits the bill with its bouncy antics and flirtation in word and sound. Nice Hair is a slice of pop infused rock with a tease of blues to its swing, a song which just drags you to your feet and lures hips and inhibitions to free their restraints.
Emerging from Manchester in 2015, Gathering of Strangers has been growing their fusion of “psychedelic bluesy rock n roll with melancholic ambience” in turn earning a potent reputation locally and beyond. Nice Hair is our introduction to the quintet and just insists on further attention upon the band as it springs its rich contagion on the senses.
From the initial call of vocals swiftly joined by a hook carrying guitar and catchy rhythms, the song is in control of body and attention. Mere seconds saw feet tapping to its stroll, hips swaying to its groove with the vocals almost directing the infectiousness invading the body with their own lively gait.
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