News: Two Officers Assassinated by BFG Member

NY Officers

by Michael Palmer

I am outraged by the killing of the two Brooklyn, NY police officers on Saturday December 20, 2014 and I am very disappointed by the comments I have read online since these slayings. As a black man, I am even more disappointed these slayings were by a black man.

After the Eric Garner and Ferguson decisions, the suspect named Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley made threats on his social media to “put the pigs in a blanket”. What’s even more shocking is that this post received a high number of likes. People seem to have zero value for life. We tend to forget that as a police officer it takes a tremendous amount of courage to do their job and these people have families as well that constantly worry about their safety.

The suspect,  who was a member of the Black Guerilla Family shot and injured his ex-girlfriend and then proceeded to drive to New York City and walked up to the open passenger window of the patrol car and shot Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu in the head.

“They were, quite simply, assassinated — targeted for their uniform. … They were ambushed and murdered,” said Police Commissioner William Bratton. Brinsley then ran to a nearby subway station and shot himself.

What does this do???? My condolences to the family of the slain officers and as far as Brinsley, you’re a piece of shit and did not deserve life. You have caused more problems for your race. For all the hard working black people out there, those that have not done wrong, now you will be even more racially profiled; I am very sorry that this guy has made our race look even worse.

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