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dm_130724_word_russia_antigay_policiesAs the winter Olympics from Sochi, Russia nears, their anti-gay laws are coming under fire.  If you are not familiar with the law here it is. In June 2013, Russia banned the distribution of information about homosexuality to children. This law was passed before the State Duma and approved by the Kremlin-backed legislation in a 436-0 vote. The bill basically banned “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations,” so no public display of affection between gay couples according to ABC news.  The bill was signed into law by Valdimir Putin the Russian President and now has become one of the main story lines going into the winter Olympics.
Over the last few weeks there has been an uproar because gay athletes will be at the games.  During an interview with a group of reporters Friday, Putin said that “It seems to me that the law that we have adopted does not hurt anyone.” He continued that his personal views “are that society must keep children safe.”  Putin made sure to say that “Individuals of non-traditional orientation cannot feel like second-rate humans in this country because they are not discriminated against in any way.”
What is your opinion, does this law go too far and or is this something that is correct, because kids are so easily influenced and we do have a right to protect kids? Leave a comment.

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