News: Police Going Too Far?

Opinion: Michael Palmer

As we mourn the loss of Michael Brown and many other American Citizens that have been killed by the cops because of excessive force and the backlash it has caused, we now see that America has some real questions to answer. Cops have taken it too far from blacks to whites; cops are killing people and constantly getting away with murder. On the other hand, the robbing and looting that has occurred after the decision may now be demonstrating why the cops must use such force. I am a black man and I am very disappointed with the decision but I am more disappointed with the violence that has occurred since.  Do you believe this violence will change anything?

 I personal can’t count the number of videos I have seen Police going too far and using the power the citizen gave them in the incorrect way.  As a country, we need to come together and tell them that this is not okay. But as a country we need to step up and do a better job raising our kids and tell them there are consequences to every action. As an individual before you take a side you must ask some questions and become a part of the solution and no worsen the situation. 

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