News: Another Police Goes Unchecked


by Michael Palmer

Today I feel that the justice department failed the country. Once again a police gets away with using excessive force. It has become very apparent that there is no one policing the police. Our country needs some type of new checks and balances so the people can once again gain trust for the system that is swore to protect the us.

I don’t believe that a police man that wakes up in the morning says, “today I will kill a person.”  Coming from a family were one of my uncle, aunt,cousin and pops was a police for short time, I don’t believe cops are bad people. But just like cops, most people don’t wake up and plan on committing a crime. But in the case of the citizen, if they break the law during the course of the day there will be consequences.  This does not seem to be the same case for the police. They are now riding above the law and I am afraid what will happen if this continues without it being checked.

I think this case with Eric Garner is a clear case of that, and should have been indicted as an involuntary manslaughter. The cop took it too far that simple. I understand that when a police is coming to arrest you, you must surrender. But as a police you must not use forces that will kill.  The video clearly showed that a crime was committed. If a citizen gets in a flight with another citizen and accidentally kills them, what is the outcome? Most likely he or she will be charged with involuntary manslaughter. 

For a something to be considered to be involuntary manslaughter  there are 3 elements must be satisfied in order for someone to be found guilty:

  1. Someone was killed as a result of act by the defendant.
  2. The act either was inherently dangerous to others or done with reckless disregard for human life.
  3. The defendant knew or should have known his or her conduct was a threat to the lives of others.

All areas above where satisfied as Eric Garner died, the choke-hold was banned from being used as it is know to be inherently dangerous and finally, as a police officer you should have knowledge that the conduct was a threat to lives. 

But on the other hand how can a prosecutor, prosecute someone they work with everyday and counts on them to help prosecute other cases. This may be the issue. This si something that needs change ASAP. It’s time to do something, let your voice be heard but do it at the ballots and be peaceful. 

As a society we must come together, as it does not matter the race. Our cops are not being checked.  My prayers goes out to all the families that were affected. I ask the citizens of America, lets live cleaner lives and I ask the police cops to please assess things better before reacting. 

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