Music: WTF by Frzy ft. Lyric Da Queen – Pittsburgh, PA

by: Michael Palmer
We typically don’t post any music without an artist interview. The interview is meant to give the fans a better idea of the thoughts that went on while the artist created the song. But when we saw this video, heard the 32 bar verses and saw the imagery on Facebook we had to post Frzy’s new song/video called, “WTF” ASAP.
If you have not heard of Frzy be ready to become a fan. We have been a fan of him since we posted his song, “Flying High”. We are based out of Pittsburgh, PA and in this city there are many musicians completing to be the best. Many are looking to become the next Wiz, Mac and Christine Aguilera. With this song, Frzy makes a great case to be the next one. When it comes to lyrics, a fan of Frzy can make a big case on why he is one of the best and would have plenty of ammunition on why he may be the best in the city.
According to Frzy joined forces with Lyric Da Queen of X-Factor fame. “Lyric made a major impression on “The X Factor” Season 2 as part of the prefab hip-hop trio Lyric 145, putting her own unexpectedly tongue-twisting, hard-hitting take on “Party in the USA,” “Gangnam Style,” and even “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”
Make sure to check out this song and listen more than once. Then go check out some of Frzy’s other music.  This video was directed by Tom Larkin of Lethal Industries. Look for him for your next visual. One last thing, if you don’t like this and you are a rap/hiphop fan, then “WTF”!

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