Music: Where Do We Go From Here by David Mark Bulley

Following on from the success of his ‘Where Do We Go From Here’ music video, singer-songwriter David Mark Bulley has announced the release of his forthcoming EP Prologue.
The 11-track EP, due for release on June 9, is a personal collection of songs written by David, inspired by his real life experiences. The EP has been carefully woven together to seamlessly tell his story. From heart-wrenching ballads to foot-stomping anthems, Prologue has something for everyone and proves that David Mark Bulley is a versatile artist.
Speaking about the EP, David said: Prologue is about new beginnings. It’s a timeline of growing up and the struggles I’ve faced. It’s allowed me to explain my story and I hope others can connect and find comfort from these songs.”
Let’s all get excited for this up coming EP by checking out David’s single “Where Do We Go From Here.”

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