Music: Weight by Humble Braggers

Buffalo-based indie pop three piece, Humble Braggers, are proud to announce their single “Weight,” off of their forthcoming full-length I Know Better, I’m No Better, out 3/10/17 via Admirable Traits Records. The first single off of the album, “Weight” is about lead singer Tom Burtless’ gradual understanding and coping with intense anxiety he had been dealing with for the past couple of year. Eventually, he came to accept the feeling instead of letting it fester and being okay with its existence. In the chorus, Burtless belts “Wait” however it’s called “Weight” due to the baggage that anxiety comes with.
Humble Braggers consists of Tom Burtless (Bass/Guitar/Synths/Vocals) Bryan Zellis (Guitar/Bass/Vocals), and Matt Chavanne (Drums). Started in mid 2013, Humble Braggers released 4 song EP Safe Haven and followed up with 2015’s Disposable Friends EP, released with Admirable Traits Records. Humble Braggers blends ambience, indie, and alternative characteristics into one unique sound. From catchy guitar lines to hard hitting choruses, Humble Braggers traverse a wide sonic landscape while still maintaining a consistent sound.

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