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Kylie ODetta In the FieldI am so impressed by Kylie so very impressed. This young lady has a bright future in this industry we all love so much. Check out her new song NOW before you read the interview.
Why did you select this song as your current single?
We chose Waiting Game to be the single because it has a powerful chorus that really jumps up from the verses. The lyrical content is edgy and kind of mysterious and I felt strongly about the message behind the song. I thought it would be a good representation of the overall concept for this new album.
How does this single relate to the rest of the Album? What does this song’s lyric mean to you?
The concept behind the whole album is that we as humans have a light and a dark side aka the side of ourself that everybody sees and knows and the side of ourself that we hide from other people. Waiting Game, the song, is about how we lie and pretend and put up this facade of who we want people to perceive us to be. But that at the end of the night we cannot escape ourselves and we cannot escape the moonlight. This whole idea all started when I heard the quote “The sun sees your flesh but the moon sees your soul.” and that’s SO true. The new album is really vulnerable and also powerful and I wanted it to showcase both sides of myself and both sides of people in general because we are all so connected on a way deeper level.
What was the writing process for this song?
This song was actually written a little bit differently than my norm. My producer, Matt LaPlant, had created this track (the music and beats) and sent it to me kind of in a “hey check this out, if you vibe with it then just see what you come up with” type of way. I really dug the feel of the song so I wrote the lyrics and melody to it. I ended up re-writing the verses after I initially finished the song and we decided to put it on the album.
What would it be like to see you in person performing this song?
You would see a lot of the weird faces I make while I sing haha. My shows are usually me and my piano OR me, my piano, and my guitar player – in an intimate setting. I feel so passionately about the lyrics and get really wrapped up in the song. I think you would see my heart on my sleeve and my thoughts on my face as I perform.
Could your fans summarize who you are as an artist by this song?
You could say that.. but I don’t know if I would say that this song fully divulges all of me as an artist. If you listen to the full album then I think you will get a better sense of who I am because the songs (including Waiting Game) really represent me and better than anything I’ve put out in the past.
Is there a video planned?
Yes, there is a video in the works and it all ties in with the dark/light side concept.
What is your motivation behind your music?
I want to connect people and connect WITH people. To show that vulnerability is beautiful & we are all so uniquely different while actually feeling and experiencing all of the same emotions. Life and love are these wonderful and mysterious and limitless things that we were put here to ENJOY and fully indulge in. Every raw and real moment is incredible and if I can make music that can capture the intensity of those emotions and moments and share them with people then I will feel like I have accomplished something. The motivation behind my music is love and God is the source of all my strength, talent and outlook.

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