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wcw-turnt_up-itunesARTIST COMMENT:

Why did you select “Turnt Up,” as your single?

I chose the song Turnt Up because everybody can relate to it. Whether you’re in school, the workforce or even in entertainment, like myself, there always comes a time when you have to put business aside, let loose and turn UP!
How does this song relate to the rest of the album?

My album is meant to appeal to the masses. Although I speak about personal experiences and goals, I’m my music.  There are goals and experiences that many of my peers have encountered in their own lives. They may not be spot on but I’m sure that the similarities and intrinsic value are a present theme throughout my album. Everybody has been Turnt Up at one point in his or her life.
What was the writing process behind this club banger?

At the peak of my teenage years, I did a lot of partying and all of my music diverts back to my actual life. I wanted to share with the fans how my people and I turn a party out.  Being that the subject matter is based off experiences I’ve had with my boys, the writing came with ease. The words just flowed and my pen did its thing.  I got with my CEO, Big Marv, he cooked up a dope beat and the rest is history.
What would it be like to see you performing this song?

The live performance to this song is crazy! I have footage of people who’ve never heard the song before, crowd surfing and hopping on stage with me. The audience usually gets pretty hyped, which is exactly the reaction I wanted.
 What was the idea behind the video?

The video to Turnt Up visually guides you through the song. It begins with a party that doesn’t seem to be worth going to. The music is dull, the girls aren’t dancing and something is missing.  So my Freestyle FAM and me crash the party and DJ Baeb got on the turntables.  Turnt Up drops in and without delay the party starts to pop. Ladies show up, drinks get poured and by the end of the night I’m stealing somebody’s girl. Safe to say Turnt Up was the perfect name and first single. Its on Youtube so go check that out. Also, catch it on iTunes and the Wrap it Up compilation cd featuring west coast legends E-40, Mack 10, Tha Dogg Pound and many more out now!

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