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IMG_3336Call for Help returns with a follow-up EP to his successful debut release Transmission Signals EP released in 2012 through Breaking the Broken Records.
Continuing to combine melancholy delayed keyboards with drum machines and combinations of other electronic sounds, Call For Help’s second release, Warning Signs shows great refinement in his skills and builds on a successful first release which saw several plays on international radio stations.
Drawing on influences from The Album Leaf, Tycho, Sohn, Boards of Canada and Ulrich Schnauss, Call for Help mixes melodic hooks with complexed percussive patterns to draw the listener into a mixed sense of emotions.
Originally from Leicester in the UK, Call for Help developed his sound through past experiences playing several successful acoustic shows in a more folk-focused project before finding his skills within the ambient electronic scene. The percussive electronic drum tracks that form a core part of many of Call for Help’s tracks comes from a time spent playing drums for Maybeshewill back in his home town of Leicester.
Why did you select this song as your current single?
This song was selected as the current single as it sums up everything we try to achieve. The track begins with delayed electronic keyboards and combines arpeggiators electronic and acoustic drum sounds to create a nice blend of sounds.
How does this single relate to the rest of the Album, EP or Mix-tape
This single is definitely similar in style to the rest of the EP. If you like this track you are likely to enjoy the entire record. There is lots of different sounds and hints at other tracks which feature throughout the record that link the entire process together.
What was the writing process for the song?
The writing process generally involves me sitting behind a MIDI controller beginning with a keyboard sound putting in the first few chords or ideas. Then I build in other layers and drum loops. Finally, I went into a studio and recorded the acoustic drums which is an unusual process as most recording begin with drums, however as this is a solo project and I play all instruments it was easier to work this way.
What does this song’s lyric mean to you?
It is entirely instrumental.
What would it be like to see you in person performing this song?
It would be quite intriguing, as I play everything there would be a lot of mystic around the performance as I use laptops and switch between sounds quite a lot.
Could your fans summarize who you are as an artist by this song?
Most definitely. It definitely reflects my personality, it has aspects of up tempo rhythms but also the down tempo keyboard riffs which sums up my personality. I am definitely someone who switches between the moods.
Is there a video planned and or completed and if so, what was the idea behind the video?
The is currently a video being made, which is based around the idea of lights in the darkness and movement. I have seen a few demos of the video and I am really excited by the results. It will be able to be available on our youtube channel ( and on our website in a few weeks.
One last question, what is your motivation behind your music?
My motivation is to make music that people can sit down, relax and listen to, where they can get lost in sound rather than words and meaning and just enjoy the sounds of the record.

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