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stage ae perfCheck out great new music from Pittsburgh’s own Mad Rapture.
Why did you select this song as your current single? 
This song, “The Ways We Love (Get Stranger)” isn’t necessarily our single, but it was one of the first songs we released publicly from our first full length CD, Rubicon, and it was always one we’ve personally really liked and been proud of.  We felt that the themes of love gone awry were pretty relatable, and the song has a couple of nice little melodic motifs that we hope people can cling to.  It’s a bit more “pop” than some of our other, somewhat more experimental songs.
How does this single relate to the rest of your album/cd/EP?
We are pretty eclectic in our style, so we’d have to say that the style isn’t necessarily representative of everything we’ve done on Rubicon, but the exploration of the intricacies of interpersonal relationships is definitely a lyrical thread throughout our music.  Also, the song highlights our tendency to use both electronic and instrumental elements in any given song.  We like to bring a little heart to electronic music!
What was the writing process for the song? 
Pat first came up with the guitar and bell lines, and I (Maia) immediately fell for the bouncy, quirky little groove. I knew I wanted to write for it, so I wrote and recorded a melody and lyrics over that, and then we kind of built it up gradually, each adding little nuances and also the outro, which is pretty funky.
What does this song’s lyric mean to you?
I’ve always found it fascinating that even good people will change themselves for the worst in certain relationships, and sometimes you change without even really realizing it, until you’re no longer the person you thought you were before the relationship.  Love can be so beautiful and can change things for the better, but love and lust can also move us to act in ways that are very out of character.
What would it be like to see you in person performing this song? 
We have performed this song live a couple of times, including at our show with WYEP and at MusikFest last summer.  We may be reworking our live set a bit, but what we’ve done so far has again combined the electronic and the live or acoustic.  Pat typically plays guitar, while I’m singing, adding effects to my voice, and playing the bell line on an electronic drum pad.
Could your fans summarize who you are as an artist by this song?
To be honest, probably not.  Certain elements, like the electronic/acoustic mix and the centrality of vocals in our electronic music are pretty consistent, as well as the introspective lyrics.  But this song is a bit softer than some of our more uptempo tracks like “Tinderbox,” “Remedy,” and “Burn it Down.”
Is there a video planned?  If so, what is the idea behind the video?
Yes, in fact, as you know, we have been busy filming it over the course of several weekends here in the Pittsburgh area.  We ran with the theme of being changed by the relationships and people one comes in contact with, and worked with our creative director to develop this really cool “Alice in Wonderland meets Jekyll and Hyde” theme.  Basically, we will have this innocent ingénue type (played by Maia) coming into contact with all sorts of shifty characters (including one played by Pat) and gradually changing over the course of the video into a very different kind of woman…
One last question- what is your motivation behind your music? 
I think we both make music because we are moved to do so.  For me (Maia), writing lyrics has always been tremendously gratifying and honestly kind of therapeutic; it’s a space for me to express weird ideas and emotions that have been bouncing around my busy brain for a while.  Pat is I think very taken with innovation, with bringing new technologies into the songwriting and performing process, and with merging acoustic instrumentation with electronic sounds.  Making music is our “happy place.”  🙂

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