Music: The Rising by Palermo Stone feat Ads Antalik


Why did you select this song as your single?

At R.A.R.E. Nation, we’re all about artist development.  Ads Antalik is the next artist up for our brand and movement, and one of the most impressive and most quickly improving talents we have seen in the city, so it made sense to present him to our fan base alongside an artist they are already familiar with in myself, Palermo Stone.  It’s less of a passing the torch and more of an introduction to Ads, since both of us will be central figures in R.A.R.E.’s advancement this summer.

How does it relate to the other songs on the album?

R.A.R.E. [Revitalizing Art Reinventing Emotion] is a deeply personal album from front to back.  To thank the fans for their support, we’re releasing a deluxe version of the album at the end of March with four new tracks added to it.  “The Rising” is one of the tracks and a fitting way to close out the album since it carries a triumphant sound but still is filled with the content that people have come to expect from R.A.R.E. Nation.

How did the song come about?

This song, like most, came organically. I had some things on my mind and needed to speak on them. I wrote the first two verses over the Louie Alexander production in my small room at my house. I call Ads and say “I got a record, Lets Record.” It’s real simple with him and I. His grind is just like mine, if not crazier. We have been recording the majority of records out of an in home studio. So Ads laid an amazing verse over the end of the record, mixes and masters the record on the spot and that is all she wrote. Instant Classic.

What is the meaning of the song?

The meaning of the song is just about the ups and downs and the constant rise. I think its real depiction of life or at least my life at this point. I am in the weird stage of growth where its on the cusp of something legendary but the things I speak on in the record are my drives and my hindrances as well. It’s powerful. It’s music.

Why do you think the industry needs your music?

We’re building a brand here.  I started it with my album and all the love it got for its quality, especially given the tight budget with which it was made.  Ads Antalik is next and is just on another level right now; the man can do no wrong in the studio.  Our aim is to be synonymous with quality music that has a powerful message, whether it be good, bad, ominous, reflective, or celebratory.  Each artist we have is different but all are amazingly talented, so we are building our name based on talent and creating innovative, quality, and impactful music.  When doesn’t the industry need that?

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