Music: Swagger on a Million by Young Chizz

Why did you write this song?
He wrote this song to explain his plans in the near future and to explain his point of view on what “Swagger” is. He isn’t talking about private jets and mansions because that isn’t the life he is currently living. Instead he puts things in perspective.
What was the writing process like for this song?
The process was simple, played the beat and put his thoughts in song format. He knew that this song would be his introduction to the world.
Why did he chose it as his single?
He chose this song because of the feel of it. It had bounce to it, but it was definitely an east coast record. Surely had a New York sound. Being that Young Chizz is a Queens native, he didn’t want to steer too far away from his roots.
How does the song relate to the rest of the album?
Like this song, the album is going to be big! Big sounds, real stadium music. The song is about the thoughts, views, and personality of Young Chizz.

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