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Born on Walpurgisnacht Night, the Night that celebrates the coming of Spring, Dalal’s passion for acting, singing and modeling began in Austria, following a long a line of Artists, Composers and Musician.

Before long, Dalal’s penchant for the stage came to rival her musical ability. After winning the Austrian Actor’s Award as a child, for her performance in a stage production of “Bedknobs and Broomsticks” Dalal was accepted into the prestigious Broadway Connection Performing Arts Academy in Vienna.

Dalal followed her early dreams and now it has found her international appeal which has landed her a starring role in the upcoming feature film, “Into the Darkness,” where she plays Katelyn, a young girl that gets lost in a cave with her three friends, which co-stars Mischa Barton and Kiowa Gordon (“Twilight” saga)

Dalal just moved from New York City, where she began her musical career in the United States, writing and and recording her Debut Single “Taste the Night” to Los Angeles, to start her work on her Debut Album.

Dalal and Producer Michael Grant originally wrote “Taste the Night” as a ballad, but felt the need to change the frame work of the song into an upbeat form. They brought Tony Moran on board and various Remixes, by Moto Blanco, Buzz Junkies and Joe Bermudez were produced for the track.
Dalal performed at the Sundance Film Festival that was followed by her much anticipated international Single release.
After it’s release “Taste the Night” has reached the #5 on the Breakout Billboard Dance Charts, #7 on the UK Club Charts, #8 on the Pop Charts in the UK as well as #26 on the Top 40 US Charts.

The Music Video, which was shot in Los Angeles gained over one million views. The song is currently being played at H&M, Banana Republic, GAP….

Dalal performed her Debut Single “Taste the Night” at New York Fashion Week, where she also modeled a design by Timo Weiland. A couple months later Dalal performed at Couture Fashion Week at the Waldorf Astoria. She is currently working on new material for Music and Film as well as finishing up two original scripts and a novel.

Since 2010 Dalal is a testimonial for international eyewear label Andy Wolf. Dalal is very involved with a number of philanthropic pursuits, including writing a song for the National Wildlife Federation, together with composer and pianist Jeff Franzel.

Dalal has since been on the cover of Magazines all over the world; Dstripped Magazine in Canada and the United States, The Grazer in Austria, Monat in Austria and Germany and the Inspirational Woman Magazine in the United Kingdom. She was also a cover model for various Billboards in Austria and Germany.

Dalal just won the Akademia Music Award for her song “Suddenly” in the category BEST POP SONG, she also won Best Singer/Songwriter for her song “I will be here”.

“Suddenly” will be officially released in 2014.

“Music, Sound, Performing and Visual Arts brought meaning for me to the chaos in this world, it gave me a way to look beyond our world’s conventions and perceive it as something extraordinary. “

Check out this great new single and find out the reasons behind this great song.

Why did you select this song as your current single?

I actually didn’t plan on releasing “Suddenly”. A friend of mine submitted it to a music competition and it won!

How does this single relate to the rest of the Album, EP or Mix-tape?

My Debut Album is an attempt at Musical Impression! It’s dreamy, romantic, mysterious, theatrical…. and I think Suddenly does bend towards that direction! 🙂

What was the writing process for the song?

I started humming the chorus in a shower in Boston (shower singing… cliche..but true) 🙂 My Producer and I met up the next day and the song came very easy to us!

What does this song’s lyric mean to you?

The song definitely captures my wish to preserve certain moments and my thoughts on their evanescence.

What would it be like to see you in person performing this song?

I actually performed a slower, acoustic version of this song… Another performance we worked on has a more tribal feeling to it (beatboxing, bongos…) we also have a “percussionistic” choreography for it… hoping to be able to perform this version soon! There is also a REMIX coming out next month!

Could your fans summarize who you are as an artist by this song?

You would have to ask my fans that… but I hope so! 🙂

Is there a video planned and or completed and if so, what was the idea behind the video?

Yes, a video will be released soon! 🙂 Here’s a hint… underwater!

One last question, what is your motivation behind your music?

hmm Music IS my motivation. I love writing music, I love singing, I love to tell stories through music! 🙂


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