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Why did you select this song as your current single, and how does this single relate to the rest of the Album?
Straight Face is a fun happy go lucky tune.  It’s a pop song with jazz/blues influence.  Pop has become somewhat of a dirty word recently, and we’re here to show what many others have done in the past and are doing currently; that popular music can feel fresh and fun without using the same old pop tricks.  That is why we chose this song as one of our singles.  Our upcoming album, “Baby Steps”, is very organic, yet everything we write has its roots in pop sensibility.  Each song on the album is uniquely melodic and will have you singing along before the end of the song.
What was the writing process for the song?
Matt and I (Andrew) go through different writing processes for each song.  Everything depends on the situation.  For certain songs we’ll collaborate throughout the whole duration of the writing process from ground zero, while at other times we’ll bring pieces of songs we wrote individually to meld together.  We also sometimes write songs on our own.  Straight Face was one of those situations where I (Andrew) wrote the song alone (although we always end up tweaking each others’ individual material whether it be melodically, instrumentally, etc.).
Straight Face is about that feeling in a relationship where you’ve been comfortable for a while, but you realize things haven’t been as honest as they should be.  It’s letting the other person you’re with know that they’re exactly what you want and there’s no doubt or uncertainty about it. It’s really both an internal realization and external affirmation all happening at once.
What would it be like to see you in person performing this song?
Straight Face is something that we’re very proud of, and to perform it with anything less than the emotion that went into writing the song would be a disservice to it.  It’s one of our favorites to play live because it has a very positive message and vibe right from the start, and the swing beat gets everyone grooving.
If there is a video for the song, please explain the concept?
We shot the entire music video in downtown Port Jefferson, NY with Tom Flynn and Mike Watts of VuDu Studios.  The concept of the video is that I’m (Andrew) going after this girl who I’m involved with that’s not really convinced of what I’m saying.  Pretty much I’m chasing her pleading my case, but she’s not buying it.  Throughout the song my position becomes increasingly convincing to the girl mainly because of persistence and charm, and the story ends happily. If you would like to hear a catchy song and see accordions, a 6’8 man playing the saxophone while pulling off Michael Jackson dance moves, and my band mate Johnny Bongos with a crotch full of ice cream, then this music video is definitely for you.

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