Music: Step Into The Light by Strawberry Girls

Strawberry Girls have a unique way of intertwining their songs, sometimes subtly using similar chords or even by ending one song and connecting it to the beginning of the next. On their upcoming release, this new single, “Step Into The Light”, is this connected to the track before it and was inspired by the pre-chorus keyboard part. Guitarist Zac Garren explains, “We added new guitar parts and drums to it so it became something different. There’s a really cool effect that’s going on with the guitars that we came across while recording, which results in this weird sort of falling/sweeping sound that you hear in the background of the song.”
     “Step Into The Light” also showcases two returning guest vocalists, Kathleen Delano and Joey Lancaster (Belle Noire). The use of a layered chorus gives the track a gospel/R&B feel, which the band found to be fresh and unique to their recording process. Garren explained, “Kathleen ended up doing this incredible gospel/choir-esque hook that you hear in the second half of the song. We had her do a bunch of takes of that to make it sound real big like a choir. Then we had Joey Lancaster also layer the choir part with a bunch of male vocals, so that it sounds even more like a chorus of people singing together. This song ended up becoming this sort of r&b/gospel inspired track, so it’s pretty different than our usual sound which will be fun to see people’s reaction.”
     This track is off the band’s upcoming Tragic Hero Records release, ‘Italian Ghosts’, which was released on February 17th and is available now for here

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