Music: Star of Love (remix) by Anima

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Can you introduce yourself and tell us about ‘Anima’ the artist?
Hi, I go by the alias of Anima. I’m an Israeli music producer, have been active for over 15 years. I’ve worked with leading artists from across the world, producing lots of hit singles and remixes in almost every style possible. After so many years in the industry, I’ve decided to create a new fresh concept that we adhere to all, every religion, culture that will be based on good music. Since Anima is just a fictional character with fictional background of my making, I cannot tell my true name, you’ll have to just guess.
Why did you select this song as your current single?
Start of love is the first single I’m releasing, since it has a long history of creation. It has a lots of dance floor energy. Melody, lyrics and vocals from the rock genre with the right melody. The combination is a piece believe will impact every music fan, from clubbers to regular individuals listening to the radio. I promise that it will take only the first hear to memorize the song and not be able to take it out of your head.
What was the writing process of the song?
Production process was very interesting. I started with a simple harmony that popped in my head one day. I got straight into the studio and after 2 days I met with the vocalist, played him the music. The click was immediate. we wrote the tune an lyrics and then the mess began… I’ve tried more than five different tunes, but something was still missing and the result was not smooth enough. I almost fell to despair and eventually decided to leave it be until my muse returns. After completing several other Anima tracks, I got back to this track. Now with a clear head. It then took only one day to complete the track and realize I have a hit!
What does the song’s lyrics mean to you?
The message in the lyrics relates to the story of Anima. Distances, stars… open and distant thoughts, the vast spaces from where Anima arrived. I wanted the listeners to connect this with their ordinary daily experiences, without turning it into a cheesy love text. I think we nailed it just right.
What would be like to see you in person perform this song?
It’s a bliss and huge satisfaction to perform with this track after the long production process. I always tell people, that Anima looks much better in reality than in photographs. The live energy this of this group is new and mysterious. People usually react with great curiosity and interest..
Could your fans summarize who you are as an artist by this song?
Yes and no. Yes, because I love the progressive house style and greatly enjoy producing it. You can hear is via the speakers. No, since I’ve been producing music for myself and others for years. I’ve learnt to master the creation and love lost of styles in electronic music. I like producing electro, tech house, trance, deep trance and even rock. I don’t limit myself musically. The sky is the limit and I’ve learnt over the years that if you don’t like what you’re doing, you shouldn’t even start, because you’ll always suck. I like and appreciate versatility, so most odds that you’ll be hearing many more tracks from this group that will be from the opposite side of the musical spectrum.
Tell us a little more about who Anima is on a non-musical front, if you weren’t a DJ/Producer what would you be doing? 
To be honest, as a producer I fell in love with the industry. although I’ve published numerous tracks of my own, I also serve as a ghost producer for lot’s of artists. I appreciate my privacy but at the same time love the front stage. I’m hypnotized by the flashlights. This is why Anima is the right recipe for me right now. The excitement on the stage while preserving my privacy and day to day sanity. If I wouldn’t been doing music, I’ve would have invented a time machine.
One last question, what is your motivation behind your music?
You are my motivation. Seeing people dance and listen to my music is the ultimate thrill!!

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