Music: Star of Love (original mix) by Rocket Jumper

Rocket JumperHow did it all started for Rocket Jumper? 
Alexander: It`s started when we got released our first single “Hummer” at Adrian&Raz Recordings. We decided its a really good start to get first tune on such great label.
Sergey: Alexander and I worked for several years in other styles of music and we turned out excellent work in a team and so we decided to create the Rocket Jumper.
Two members in Rocket Jumper, how long has each been producing and in what way does this influence the music you produce? 
Alexander: I`ve been producing since 2009, almost as a Sergey. Electro House and Big room tunes always influence on music I produce. I always imagine how I`m playing my tracks for big crowd on scene. Since 14 years I really liked heavy, but lyrical groups like “Slipknot”, I think its still has its touch in our music for Rocket Jumper.
Sergey: My first release was in 2009. Then I wrote uplifting trance and progressive trance. Every year the tracks became more commercial and club and I realized that I wanted to work in the EDM and Big room directions.
Why Rocket Jumper or how did you come up with that name?
Alexander: We were just sitting in our studio and thinking about name. Our tracks associating with energy, groove and power. When you listening to our music there is a feeling you want to jump, or at least to shake your head:) Always trying to get that vibe to push the floor under your feet.
Sergey: ‘Rocket Jumper’ is very well suited the style in which we produce and that`s why we decided to take this name.
Name your top three music idols of all times.
Alexander: That`s a hard one 🙂
1) Michael Jackson
2) Coldplay
3) Hans Zimmer
1) Crystal Method
2) Prodigy
3) Bomfunk MC
With whom would you love to collaborate and why? 
Alexander: Definitely Showtek ! They feel dance scene and its flow like nobody else. Glamour, groove and melodic the component of their success.
Sergey: KillFm because guys doing very cool club music; R3hab, because he is very stable and wrote hits only and Ummet Ozcan because he is a tough guy 🙂
How did you get in touch with Magnetie/Insomnified?
Alexander: Well, its actually quite fun story about ‘how faith brings the desired’. We sent our tracks as usual to different labels, but nothing happened and we got some break for 2 or 3 months and then for some weird reason Sergey decided to send one more time. That`s how we contacted with Rosy (Magnetie) and got signed as an exclusive artist.
Sergey: I saw Insomnified label under the Black Hole Rec., as well as I saw that they focus precisely on Big room house and decided to send a demo.
Tell us a little more about who Rocket Jumper is on a non-musical front, if you guys weren’t a DJs/Producers, what would you be doing? 
Alexander: I`m still having full-day job, but i`m planning to quit it next year to get all my time only for music. If I wasn`t producer i`d rather to work in a big financial company/bank because I have experience on management position and working with staff.
Sergey: I graduated as an architect and working as a designer, but the music certainly is on my first.
One last question, what is your motivation behind your music? 
Alexander: It is love for our music. When you producing music you like and people like what you produce this is brings you happiness.
Sergey: I love electronic music since my childhood, so I want to contribute to the development of music.

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