Music: Spectral Vision by Ave. Amen – State College, PA

Ave. AmenAve. Amen submitted to us and of course as we do with all submissions, we went ahead and checked out his body of work.  What we found was a grinding artist! This man has put in some work since he drop his first video/single one year ago according to his YouTube page.  The name of his team/label is Grind 2 the Grave and Ave. is living up to the name he chose “they don’t have a clue how hard I work, I move” the best way to sum this musician up.  Ave. has put together a great body of work and the best part about this is that each video/single shows growth and that’s the number one thing when it comes to music, you must improve. I truly feel if he was in a bigger music town he would be making a splash because of his grind.
Check out this interview we had an opportunity to  to do with Ave.
Why did you select “Spectral Vision” as your current single?  
The reason i selected this track is because i personally dig Johnny Juliano productions, they bring a great original energy to the table, and i felt that i was able to add to the production in a way that complimented the over all sound. And Spectral Vision grabs your attention , so i figured it would be a good lead off .
How does “Spectral Vision” relate to the rest of your Album/Mixtape?
It relates in 2 ways. One way is that there are two other Johnny Juliano productions on my new project “I’m A Long Way From Home” , and the second relation is that the over all sound of my new project is just as original, yet relevant, as “Spectral Vision”.
What was the writing process for “Spectral Vision”?
The writing process took 2 days. Each of the days i wrote for an hour in the morning and hour in the evening. I took my time making sure i was riding the beat respectfully.
What do “Spectral Vision” lyrics mean to you?  
I’m telling you that I’m a dope rapper. Hands down my work ethic has me buzz’en, the amount of music I track has me in the position to keep proving myself, and the lyrics speak to the fact that i know how to have fun with my music. That’s what “Spectral Vision” is about.
What would it be like to see you in person performing “Spectral Vision”?
I get hype fast with this song, its a dope song to perform live. Sometimes i get to hype and breath control becomes an issue . But no matter what song i perform i like to believe i put on a good show.
Could your fans summarize who you are as an artist by this song?
In a nutshell , No. Its rare that i make a song that defines me in just a single song.
Is there a video planned and if so, what is the idea behind it?
I’m definitely planning a video for this track. The idea will be to capture the audible energy in a visual way, so I want to reach out to few dance crews and see if I could get some routines in motion. Not the regular half-dressed dancers. I want some dope costumes or outfits, with interactive props in the dance routine. I got a few ideas with that part; I won’t go into much more until i get a sure thing locked in. And I got some locations picked out, but that may change depending on if I’m in NYC or PA for the video.  So ya, I’m still in the beginning stages.
What is your motivation behind your music?
My motivation is to make music that people can relate to. I want people to beagle to listen to an Ave. Amen song and relate to the beat, the sounds, the lyrics, and the whole vibe of the track. You can’t beat people over the head with powerful information, and life shattering truth, all the time. You have to build a common ground in your music, and then offer that deep information once that common ground is established. That is my template, my formula, my idea of what an artist should strive to do.

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