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NJ Taylor Promo 2Check out this great new song from Canadian Pop Artist NJ Taylor with her song ” So You”. Make sure to check below our interview with her about this song and her album.
Why did you select this song as your current single?
I selected “So You” to be my 2nd single because I felt it was a nice transition between my debut single “I Don’t Care”, which is an upbeat pop electronica song with some rock influences. “So You” also showcases my vocal capabilities a bit more and I felt that it was important for my fans to see that side of me prior to releasing my debut album.
How does this single relate to the rest of the Album, EP or Mix-tape?
Well, originally my idea was to write an album with a storyline, which would start from the relationship being rocky, to the breakup (“I Don’t Care”), then have the post breakup song (party anthem) and then have more inspirational songs. That was the original idea but in the end I will be releasing an EP and not an LP so I don’t know if this will still be reflected.
What was the writing process for the song?
I wrote “So You” few years ago and the song was even on my demo! I really loved the song and I got a lot of positive feedback so I then decided to rework it for my debut album. My co-writer, Adien Lewis, redid the melody for me. I then went in the studio with my arranger, Shahe Sinanoglu, and my co-producer, Ghislain “Gee” Brind’Amour and we completed the song!
What does this song’s lyric mean to you?
To me, “So You” is a representation of typical love relationships that are going south lol! I got inspired by my own past experiences, which I know are probably the reflection of many other people’s stories lol!
What would it be like to see you in person performing this song?
I have 2 different versions of this song. The original version is a full production so you would see me perform it with a full band. The other version of the song is acoustic so if you were to see me perform that version, it’s more of an intimate setting where it’s just me and a guitar player (perhaps even 2).
Could your fans summarize who you are as an artist by this song?
Absolutely not! This song is just a small part of who I am as an artist. This is just a little teaser of who I am as an artist, but my debut album will for sure summarize me better!
Is there a video planned and or completed and if so, what was the idea behind the video?
There isn’t an official music video for this single; we opted instead to create an official lyric video where I appear in. You can view it right here
One last question, what is your motivation behind your music?
I’ve been extremely inspired to write songs that are profound and that have deeper meanings than just love songs. I’m fully aware that love songs evoke feelings or emotions we can all relate to. But I feel like most songs out there are all love songs. So that being said, I’ve been writing a lot of songs for my debut album that talk about topics such as bullying. I want to write music that can truly inspire people and touch them through hard times and good times!

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