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Marshaye-Shut-It-Down-WEBMarshayé Nicole Miller, a singer, rapper and actress is the princess of Freestyle Records Inc. it.  The young beautiful 5’-9” phenomenal statuette is a talented performer.  When she walks into a room, she has a style and presence that captivates the eyes of all of those who she encounters; leaving people with a profound impression.

Marshayé was born in Los Angeles, California.  Since the age of five she believed she was destined for super stardom. “Being on a stage is like being at home in my comfortable space, it’s fulfilling and natural,” Marshayé says. “Every day when I wake up I hear tunes, musical notes, songs, melodies in which I relate these melodies to acting, characters, movement, rhythm and song.” Freestyle Records Inc. latest find is a bundle of energy who’s excited about the music industry and her place in it.  “I am convinced that I am destined to entertain and it is a part of my fiber and being,” reveals Marshayé. “She has a natural disposition for performing,” says her teacher at the Los Angeles High School for the Arts in her senior year (graduated 2011).  This holds true for her singing and theatrical performances.  “I have heard Marshayé constantly speaking about her love for performing.  Her love for singing and acting oozes out of her every pore” the teacher revealed.  A star was truly born, and she’s definitely a chosen one, says label president and producer Big Marv.

Freestyle Records Inc. has launched Marshayé’s debut single “Shut It down” on the “Coast2Coast Mixtape Vol: 262 hosted by School Boy Q and also available on iTunes,, Rhapsody, MySpace Music, Napster, iHeartradio, MP3 and many more online music stores. Look out for “Shut It Down” The Official Music Video on Youtube, BET,MTV, and VH1 summer 2014!

Check out our interview with this talented young lady ahead of her debut single, “Shut it Down” premiere on BET.

Why did you select this song as your current single?

I wanted something with a crazy beat to catch people’s attention. I’m a new artist and I need to make noise coming in the door, rather than just blending in and being unnoticed.

How does this single relate to the rest of Album, EP, or Mix-tape?

My sound is different, so most of my songs don’t relate to one another and I set it up that way. Each song gives you a different feel, so this song will definitely have a mind of its own on my Album.

What was the writing process for the song?

The writing process was simple.  My writing mostly explains what my generation goes through on the daily, so once I found the hook the verses flowed right after.

What does this song’s lyrics mean to you?

The lyrics represent realness to me, since what I wrote describes a basic outing for a young woman with her girls trying to have a good time. I made the song relatable to most women who know what it’s like to turn up.

What would it be like to see you in person performing this song?

As my song describes, you’re definitely going to see me shut it down, til they throw us out. The song is upbeat with a laid back flow, so similar to most club bangers, the beat itself is going to make you move, while my performance gets you hype.

Could your fans summarize who you are as an artist by this song?

Yes and no. Based off my lyrics, they will get an idea of what type of style I have musically, but I’m versatile so I can guarantee this one song won’t summarize me completely as an artist. I have more surprises coming so you never really know what you’re going to get with my music.

Is there a video planned and or completed and if so, what was the idea behind the video?

Yes, there is a video being planned and we are in the process of completing that. The idea behind the video is exactly how the song is described. Very straight to the point, woman goes out with her girls and shuts the club down.

One last question, what is the motivation behind your music?

My passion for it. I’ve been involved with music since I was a young girl, and my love for it has pushed me to continue on pursuing this dream. It also motivates me to write about what people think or feel so my fans can have something to relate to.

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