Music: Royalty by A.F. Rome (R.A.R.E.) – Pittsburgh, PA

Why did you select this song as your single?
I was hanging out with TreeJay so I played it for him, and he said he would put it on his annual 4/20 mixtape, “Showtime.”

How does it relate to the other songs on the Album/mixtape?
My music is a depiction of me, my songs are laid back and chill, yet it has a bounce to it. That’s pretty much how I can explain my project as well.
How did the song come about?
Palermo and I were chillin’ in the studio one day, he played the beat and I instantly had the idea so we ran with it from there. Once it was confirmed that it would be on the Showtime mixtape, I hit up Franchise from The Come Up Boys for a strong third verse, and he delivered as always.
What is the meaning of the song? 
There is no real meaning, we were just talking shit and having fun. I want people to feel good about themselves when they hear this song. I’m all about positivity.

Why do u think the industry needs your music?
I may not be the most lyrical, but I can make catchy songs without sacrificing my bars. The industry needs good vibes, and that’s exactly what my music brings.

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