Music: Riding High by Ben James – Los Angeles, CA

image2On June 30th Ben James released his  3rd single and video off his critically acclaimed mix-tape Building Blocks; the videos “All Good” and I’m Ready featuring Miko is only a glimpse of what BEN James is putting out to the world.
According to Ben, “When I first started writing for the mixtape, I was definitely just scripting what came to me, and there wasn’t much time going into concepts, more of what I felt in that moment. After I finished basically the whole mixtape, about a month later I’ve vamped it, and ended up re-doing almost every song, where I put my time into the lyrics, concepts, etc.”
The bases of Building Blocks the mixtape is about getting better and making that next step in whatever you want to do in life.
Check out “Riding High” below and make sure to check out the whole tape at Building Blocks

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